F.A.Q for Grabcery

  • What is Grabcery?

    Grabcery is an online e-commerce platform to deliver groceries to your doorstep with the help of personalized shoppers. Grabcery facilitates to place grocery orders through the mobile app on both Android, iOs and Website.

  • How do I order groceries?

    It’s so easy!

    Using Grabcery online portal, add your favorite items to the cart, choose a delivery location, and place your order.

    What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

  • Is my address in your coverage area?

    Want to know if Grabcery delivers in your area?

    Open the online portal, choose a delivery address, you will get a pop-up if your area is not covered.

  • How do I add things to my cart?

    It’s too simple!

    Select the plus sign next to the item you want to be delivered to add the item to your cart. You can also click the item to see a more detailed item description, and then select the plus sign to add it to the cart. When an item is in your cart, you will see a tag appear next to the item that says 1 in the cart.

  • Is there a minimum order amount?

    No! There is no minimum order amount. However, we cheer you to shop more to save more!

  • How are your prices determined?

    It's super simple! The price you see in the Grabcery app is the price you pay

    We partner with multiple stores, and each store might sell the same product at different prices. Since the market prices keep changing in the FMCG industry, there is a possibility of slight price differences, especially for fruits and vegetables.

    We purchase products from supermarkets and the product price from various retailers can be different. The price paid in Grabcery can slightly vary from in store prices, as that includes the cost for packing and processing the product. The products are freshly picked from the super markets and not sourced from the warehouse.

    We are trying hard to pick the latest market price, however, minute fluctuations may occur. Please feel free to contact us when you come across such price variations. We are more than happy to refund you the difference amount!

  • Are there a maximum number of deliveries allowed in a day?

    No! You can order as much as you want!

  • Can I order from desktop or laptop?

    Sure, you can! We are happy to announce the launch of our website. Please visit www.grabcery.com to place your order through laptop or desktop.

  • What are the delivery charges for my order?
    Order Value Delivery Charge
    Rs.1 - Rs.499 Rs.20
    > Rs.500 Rs.1
  • When can you schedule a delivery?

    You can place a grocery order anytime at your convenience. Deliveries can be scheduled for a two-hour window.

  • Do I need to be home at the time of delivery?

    Please do not schedule a delivery during a time window in which no one is home to receive the delivery. If no one is home at the time we deliver your groceries, we will call your mobile phone to ask for options on how to complete the delivery. Should this occur, any perishable items in your order could be damaged, so please make sure someone is available to receive the order

  • Where’s my receipt?

    You can view the receipt of your order in the order history.

  • There are damaged item(s) or some items missing in my order. What should I do?

    Oh no! We’re sorry to hear that you had issues with your order. Please contact our support team immediately with the following information:
    1. Order number
    2. Damaged Item description
    3. Photographic evidence

  • How do I cancel my order?

    You can contact our support team for any queries related to cancellation.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We currently accept all major Indian credit and debit cards. We also support cash on delivery in specific areas.

  • Why was I charged a different amount from the original total?

    The final charged amount will always reflect the cost of the items that you receive. There are several reasons that this charge could be more or less than the original total at checkout. We are working on the differences to make it convenient for you. If you find any such cases, feel free to contact us for support.

  • What should I do if I need GST bill for my order?

    To receive a GST bill, you can reach out to our customer support team. Once the request is received, the GST bill will be mailed to the e-mail ID provided by you.

    Note: GST inclusive Bills collected from vendors will only be sent. The price paid in Grabcery may slightly vary from in store vendor prices, as it includes the operation costs involved in processing the order. For more details on this, please refer to the FAQ section relating 'How prices are determined?'.

  • What is Grabcery wallet?

    Grabcery Wallet is a credit pocket which is associated with your Grabcery account in which the gift amount and refund amount both are added. Gabcery wallet is splitted in two categories
    1. Gift Wallet
    2. Refund Wallet

  • How does Grabcery wallet funded?

    Grabcery wallet can be funded in the following manner
    1. Gift wallet can be funded either by promo codes or directly through Grabcery
    2. For every return, cancellation, alteration in order or product undelivered, the balance amount will get added in the refund wallet

  • How does Grabcery wallet redeemed?

    Amount in the wallet will automatically be considered for redemption while placing an order
    1. Refund wallet amount will be prioritized first for redemption
    2. Only 10% will be considered for redemption from the gift wallet for the total amount of order

  • Can I add credit to my wallet?

    No, you cannot add credit to your wallet. It can only be added by coupon codes in gift wallet and by refunded amount in refund wallet.

  • Can wallet amount be refunded to my bank account?

    Yes, refund wallet amount can be refunded to bank whereas gift wallet can only be used for future orders. Please contact our customer support to initiate the refund process.

  • How can I reset my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password using the Grabcery portal.

  • Can I change the email in my account?

    In Grabcery online portal, select my profile from the menu and edit email ID.

  • How do I add another delivery address?

    Once you click checkout button, you get an option to choose your new address.

  • I am having problems with the app. How do I fix it?

    For both the iPhone and the Android phones, check the following:
    1. Verify that your phone has been updated to the latest version of its operating system.
    2. Verify that your Grabcery app has been updated to the latest version.
    3. If both your phone’s operating system and your Grabcery app has the latest version, then try closing the app.

    On the iPhone, press the ‘Home’ button twice. The phone displays all the open apps. Swipe the open app towards the top of the phone. To exit this feature, select the ‘Home’ button once or tap on the Home Screen.

    On the Android phone, select the ‘Recent Apps’ icon or press and hold the ‘Home’ button until the Recent Apps list appears. Swipe the open app towards the right of the phone. To exit this feature, select the ‘Recent Apps’ icon again.

    4. Try to open your Grabcery app again. If the app still does not work, then try turning off the phone completely and turning it back on. On the iPhone, Power Off, press and hold the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button (the thin rectangle button) until the option ‘slide to power off’ appears. Slide the power button to the right and wait while the phone turns off. Then turn the phone back on by holding the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button. On the iPhone, Soft Reset, press and hold the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button (the thin rectangle button) and the ‘Home’ button at the same time for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Let go of both buttons. The phone will continue through the usual process of starting up. On the Android phone, press and hold the ‘Power’ button until the ‘Device Options’ appear. Select ‘Power Off’. The phone will shut down. Then turn the phone back on by holding the ‘Power’ button.

    5. Try to open your Grabcery app again. If the app still does not work, then try reinstalling the app. On the iPhone, select and hold the Grabcery app until a small ‘x’ appears on the upper left corner. Select the ‘x’. When the confirmation window appears, select ‘Delete’. The app will disappear from the Home Screen. Select the ‘Home’ button to exit from the feature. Then go to the app store to select the Grabcery app to install it again. On the Android phone, open the ‘Settings’ app. Select ‘Applications. Select ‘Application Manager. Select the Grabcery app. Select ‘Uninstall’. When the confirmation window appears, select ‘OK’. The app will disappear. Then go to the Google Play store to select the Grabcery app to install it again.

    6. Once your Grabcery app has been installed, try to open your Grabcery app again. If the app still does not work, please contact us.

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