Don’t let Chores choke you down

After a hectic week at work where you chase and get chased in order to meet deadlines, the only thing that is looked forward to with joy are the weekends.

When the weekends arrive and you’re in no mood to waste the day at home, there are very few things that give you the same level of pleasure that you get from a stroll in the mall.

While at the mall you vent out all the pent-up-pressure by indulging in all the things that pick your fancy, the malls sure do provide you with the maximum avenues to do this. However, I can bet that grocery shopping isn’t the avenue you’d run to for venting out or for a quick relief, to say the least.

Shopping is meant to be a fun activity that soothes your senses which run at maximum horsepower during the week, not some mind-numbing process that should be forced down your throat.

Talk About a Work – Fun Balance Eh ??


The only way to achieve this is to reduce the time spent on chores and use that time to pamper yourself. Don’t feel guilty… You Deserve it. Speaking of the many chores that you’re forced to take care of, grocery shopping sure does take up a sizeable chunk. By the time that you’re done with the grocery shopping for the week, the only thing that you’re capable of is dropping half dead on that comfortable couch of yours.

Why not avoid all this if it could all be done from one place with the least effort?

“Hello, Online Grocery Shopping…..”


Yes, But…


  • Having to decide exactly what to order hours before your order arrives?
  • Unable to have products delivered immediately?
  • Unable to make changes to your orders without further delays in delivery?




                         Oh, We Hear you ….


                Yes, Grabcery is coming soon !!!


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