Must eats in Chennai during summer

Summer often alarms for change in diet with lighter meals and more fluid intake. With mercury level rising each day you need to overcome this summer heat with a perfect diet. Here are few simple tips to stay active all through the day.

1.   Watermelons

One of the favorite fruits in summer of all age groups, isn’t it? It is the juiciest fruit that contains 92% of water and the pulp tastes sweet and best source to keep one hydrated. It is a refreshing fruit with a lot of vitamins and helps you protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Kids those who hate eating melons can be given a new twist in the form of watermelon juice. It is one of the best drinks to beat the summer heat.

 2.   Buttermilk

Undoubtedly, buttermilk is considered as a great drink for summer to keep you refreshed in this rising temperature. It is prepared differently in various households with diverse ingredients making it sweet, spicy or sour. The best way to have buttermilk is to include a sauteed mix of a pinch of ginger, chilly, mustard seeds and curry leaves which makes it a perfect drink. It is the best form to cool your body during harsh summers. It is also considered to be an effective treatment for sunburn mixed long with few drops of tomato juice. During summer you can find vendors on the streets of Chennai selling buttermilk at a very cheaper cost.

 3.   Tender coconut

Nothing can beat tender coconut juice to beat the summer thirst. This fruit is abundantly available in Chennai across all the streets. The relief which tender coconut gives during a hot summer day is unexplainable. No harm in having it as much you want! Instead, it brings a lot of benefits along. It is nature’s purest drink next to water which aids in losing weight.  It is titled an excellent drink loaded with vital nutrients.

 4.   Cucumber

Cucumber is a made up of 95 percent water and it keeps the body cool and hydrated. As it is rich in water, cucumbers are considered healthy for the overall health of a person. It can be consumed raw or in the form of juice. A cucumber variety which is thin and long is lavishly available in Chennai only during the summer. It tastes best with a pinch of rock salt.

 5.  Pearl millet Porridge (Kambu Koozh in Tamil and Bajra in Hindi)

The famous summer delicacy in south Indian homes during summer. It is known as the perfect drink to cool the body by beating the summer heat. It is enriched with a high source of iron, calcium and vitamin B. It is a healthy diet generally served with raw onions and pickles.

 6.  Sugarcane juice

One of the potential energy booster in this heavy summer. Sugarcanes are crushed in a machine between two wheels to extract the juice from the stem. The fresh juice can be consumed directly with ice or with a dash of lime juice & ginger. During summer, urinary infections are very common. Sugarcanes helps kidney to function better and beats urinary tract infections. It also helps to keep skin healthy.

 7.  Muskmelon

Muskmelon is another fruit that must be part of the summer diet. The light orange pulp tastes best when the fruit is cut and had with little sugar. A lot of street shops offer yummy muskmelon juices at low rates. Its water content helps to stay hydrated for a longer period. Being a rich source of Vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system as well.

 8.   Nongu (Borassus flabellifer fruit)

This Juicy fruit known by various regional names can be found on the streets during summer. Inside the hard purple shell, there are three pulps enclosed in a thin layer of brown shell. The pulp is transparent and looks like ice which is rich in water content. The texture of the fruit is jelly-like and with a sweetness that will make you crave for more. It is also known as iced apple due to its cooling effect. It is considered as a natural coolant fruit with a lot of nutrients in it.

 9.    Mint water with lemon

One glass of mint water with few drops of lemon will do wonders. The excessive heat can lead to a lot of digestive problems. It also reduces pimples and heat boils.

 10.   NannariSharbat

One of the instant drinks to consume during summer. It has a lot of medicinal properties, keeps mind cool, settles urinary infections and also prevents from sunstroke. NannariSharbat is generally a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, water and a concentrated syrup prepared from the plant, Nannari. It is also known as Suggandhi drink.


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