Tamil Nadu’s favorite grape drink – Bovonto, plans to spread its magical taste to other states too

Tamil Nadu’s own pride, Bovonto, a grape flavored, slightly fizzy and soothing drink is one of the most iconic brands of cold drinks in TN. With its pure flavor and the legacy formula, it has stolen many hearts. It is so stated that anyone who has tasted Bovonto, will not like any other drink. This reinforces the ‘magical taste’ tagline of Bovonto.

Bovonto started its journey long back in 1916 in Virudhunagar, a small village in Madurai. The idea of a cold drink business struck the founder, PVSK Palaniappa Nadar, having noticed spencer’s cold drinks being sold on trains. With the help of his wife, he began ‘goli soda’ business in his house wherein he could churn only three bottles of soda a day using the hand-operated machine. He named the business as Kalimark in memory of his father, Kaliappa Nadar, who was an exporter of coffee and spices

Since then, Kalimark Bovonto’s growth rate has only risen with all the family members playing a significant role in running the business in various parts of Tamil Nadu. The 160 crore company has around 10 manufacturing units and 350 distributors across Tamil Nadu, and they are soon going to expand to other states as well. As a part of the expansion, they are targeting entire South India in the order Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala. The expansion plans across the different states will accelerate their growth allowing them to meet their vision to clock a turnover of RS. 1,000 crores by 2020.

Kalimark manufactures other products which include Trio (an orange-flavored fizzy drink), Solo (lemon), Ginger and Frutang (mango). In its centenary year, it re-launched Kalimark Paneer soda as ‘Vibro’, a rose-flavored carbonated drink.

The unbeatable quality and ultimate taste of Bovonto has already been accepted by the people of Tamil Nadu long ago giving them the confidence to maintain the price and still gain a good profit. This also strengthens their belief to stay away from advertisements to market the product. According to Kalimark, ‘word of mouth’ is said to be the greatest marketing technique.

Not to forget Kalimark’s gesture during the Chennai flood in November 2015 which was quite remarkable. Even though they were manufactures of packaged water, during the flood, they manufactured water bottles and supplied to flood victims, free of cost.

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