Why is Grabcery Unique?

Online shopping has become a comfortable and convenient feeling for all as it involves no dress change, no makeup, no tanning, and no filling petrol! It is so simple that you just have to open the app or website and place your order.

Unlike any other online shopping, online grocery shopping has got high importance in every person’s life as groceries are an unavoidable part of our living. There wouldn’t be at least a day in your life when you have not visited a grocery store. Online grocery shopping makes our life easy and relaxed by eliminating the need to go to supermarkets.

Although online grocery shopping is a boon to us, there are few key points which are being missed out by every online grocery store. Meeting your immediate requirements and considering your specific needs are main among them. Even the popular online grocery stores in the market fail to take care of these points.

It happens that, you prepare the grocery list at the last minute before you start cooking. And, in most cases, the items you ordered will be for immediate use. Then, how does it help if the groceries are delivered the next day or the 2nd day?

Will scheduled deliveries help you meet your emergency grocery needs?

Not at all!

We believe that grocery requirements need to be fulfilled immediately and not later!

We were curious to explore how this can be practically implemented. That is when we discovered “Grabcery”- An online grocery store where you get everything at lightning speed.

Anything you order on Grabcery, you get in just 30- 60 mins.

You must be excited to know how!

We treat each one of you as special, and this prompted us to provide personalized service to every customer, unlike any other online grocery stores.

Here are a few customer-friendly features of Grabcery that make it unique.

  • Personal Shoppers: Grabcery hires personal shoppers who are capable of handling customer-specific grocery needs. These personal shoppers act like personal assistants for you and take care of the entire order from the time it is placed until the time the items are delivered to your door-step.
  • Multi-specialty Stores: Grabcery has tie-ups with multiple-specialty stores across every location and thus, enabling you to do multi-store shopping through Grabcery.
  • Order Comment: Grabcery has an option “order comment” during the checkout. You can note your special requirements here, which helps the shopper to know your interest and shop accordingly.
  • Chat or Call feature: Chat and call facility in the app is another important and unique feature, which helps in better communication with the shopper in case of product unavailability or order alteration.
  • Shopper Tracking: The tracking feature in the app will let you know where the shopper is, what the shopper purchased from each shop, and in how many minutes’ shopper will reach your place.

With the above exciting features, Grabcery works just WOW, this way.

When you place your order through Grabcery app, the shopper gets an alert, accepts the order and starts multi-store shopping to purchase the items as per your ordered list. Anytime during the shopping, you can call or chat with the shopper for altering your order. Each item you ordered is carefully hand-picked by shopper and packed with extreme care. Soon after the items are collected from the multiple stores, the shopper delivers the items to your door-step. The overall time taken to complete an order is less than an hour using our quick-delivery option.

We strive to serve our customers in the most beautiful way possible!

Paying attention to detail of every customer and allocating individual shopper for each customer makes it easy for us to achieve the mission of delivering customer-specific and quality products in just 60 minutes’.

Grabcery understands all your discomforts and WE ARE HERE to give you that comfy feeling.

You can get us on app store and play store.

Download and experience a totally different grocery shopping 🙂

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